Friday, April 18, 2008

In a hurry.

One day, Tonya had her son with her at the office. They were running late and were rushing to leave. She and her son say goodbye and run out the door to her car, which was parked at the curb.

Next thing I know, her son comes running back into the office. He was laughing so hard that he was nearly in tears. "She left me!" he gasped. He picked up the phone to call her, but by the time he did that, she was already coming back.

She came inside and told us how she had just got in and drove away without really paying attention. As she was driving she was talking to her son. After a few seconds of unusual silence from the back seat, she turned over her shoulder to see why he was being so quiet only to find he wasn't there. So she turned right around.

We were all laughing so hard over this one.

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jess said...

That is way funny! How old is she? lol